SCLI involved in Eden District

SCLI involved in Eden District risk reduction workshop

Invasive alien plants are recognized as a key risk factor in the Eden District, mainly because of the fire danger they pose, and the impact thereof on limited water resources and bio-diversity in the fynbos biome.

The Southern Cape Landowners Initiative (SCLI) is a public platform for all landowners and land managers who have an interest in the control and eradication of invasive alien plants. With this goal in mind, SCLI was recently involved in a workshop entitled “Shared Risk Management Collaboration in the Eden District”.

The aim of the interactive workshop hosted by Santam and WWF- SA, was to consolidate resources and efforts to address the key question of, “How can we reduce risks in the Eden District more effectively together?”

Santam and WWF- SA (?) have made funds available to spearhead this initiative in order to find mechanisms to reduce and prevent risk, because as a business it is directly affected by disaster related instances in Eden, such as flooding in developed areas and fire raging through farms and other property.

The workshop included presentations by representatives from provincial and regional Disaster management, Santam, WWF- SA amongst many others.

The outcomes of the workshop highlighted the need for a collaboration of resources between organisations and efficient implementation of existing risk management plans. One of the steps was to identify other key players, particularly decision makers and other institutions that can take action.

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