A launch event for the establishment of an overarching environmental body for the Southern Cape – the Garden Route Environmental Forum (GREF) – was held in Mossel Bay on Tuesday 11 December. The forum will coordinate regional conservation efforts, serve as a catalyst to drive climate adaption practices in the Southern Cape and strive to establish a better-coordinated approach to environmental management. The Southern Cape is vulnerable to increased risks associated with threats to the environment, including water security, wildfire, loss of biodiversity, all resulting in a reduction of economic opportunity and well-being and putting vulnerable communities under pressure.

Launch Event Presentations:

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  1. ALBERT ACKHURST GREF_PBSAP_PBES Implementation Nov 2018
  2. BRIAN VAN WILGEN GREF Status report Garden Route
  3. CHRISTO FABRICIUS presentation GREF 
  4. GERHARD OTTO Presentation_GREF Objectives_Launch
  5. LE MAITRE GREF Investment in EI GREF Dec 2018
  6. PADDY GORDON GREF History of Alien clearing in GRNP
  7. PADDY GORDON GREF SANParks 11 December 2018
  8. PAUL BUCHHOLZ Fire and IAP GREF presentation
  10. WENDY CRANE 2018-12 GREF Launch

Written by Marti Kirstein