Level of infestation

Level of infestation in the Wilderness Heights and Hoekwil unacceptable

Despite all- out efforts by concerned land owners and conservancies, levels of infestation of invasive alien plants on the Wilderness Heights and Hoekwil are unacceptably high, and on the increase

Cobus Meiring of the SCLI.

Level of infestation
Rozanne Steyn of NIS pointing out unacceptable levels of invasive alien plant infestation on Wilderness Height properties

Continues Meiring, “ recently promulgated legislation (Bio Diversity Act as well as the Conservation and Agriculture Resource Act (CARA)) is prompting land owners to ensure that their properties are free of declared invasive alien species, and several land owners in the Heights are already well on the way to complying”.

“However, there is much room for improvement”.” George Municipality for instance is responsible to ensure that road verges are clear of invasives, and currently this is not the case as in some instances invasive alien trees form a closed canopy along the roads” says Meiring.

“The SCLI now would like to make an appeal to land owners on Wilderness Heights and Hoekwil to comply with legislation, and start clearing their land” says Meiring.

Says Meiring, “ the Wilderness Heights and Hoekwil are in no doubt one of South Africa’s primary conservation zones where critical biodiversity should be protected at all costs, and private land owners should recognize their responsibility towards this end”.

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