GREF Debate Series


GREF Debate series on similarities between the nett effect of COVID-19 and Climate Change, and how the Garden Route can best prepare for the “new normal”

In order to create a platform to communicate with leading environmental experts, academics, political leadership and socio-economic role players, the GREF Debate Series was introduced.

The GREF Debate Series aims to bring together experts and stakeholders on COVID-19, climate change and environmental management to deliberate on matters of adapting to the new normal. GREF takes a view on the impacts of COVID-19, and draws a correlation between that and the challenges climate change will bring about.

The rationale behind the GREF Debate Series is to provide a foundation for the annual GREF Climate Change Indaba. The series will culminate with, and provide the content backbone for the Indaba late in 2020/early in 2021.

The GREF Debate Series will focus on nett-effect similarities between climate change and COVID-19, with an emphasis on, amongst others, water and food security, community well-being, environmental management and biodiversity conservation.

Furthermore, the debate series will establish a communication and awareness platform through media channels such as print/web articles, opinion pieces, radio interviews/podcasts and digital news items. The series is aimed at communicating complex information in a simplified manner to the target audiences through conveying viewpoints from informed individuals and entities.

It is envisaged that the series will spark constructive debate amongst interest groups. The debates are published on the GREF website and distributed to regional and/or national media.

The GREF Debate series is a high-profile media-driven exercise, and those who are interested in the content thereof, or wish to participate or contribute, can contact the GREF Secretariat directly.

Cobus Meiring 

GREF Secretariat 

Cell: 083 626 7619