Invitation Garden Route Environmental Restoration Seminar 6 and 7 June D

Garden Route Environmental Restoration Seminar, 6 & 7 June 2018

6 & 7 June 2018

Venue: Brenton-on-Sea Community Hall

Download preliminary programme:

Preliminary Programme Garden Route Environmental Seminar 15-05-2018

Purpose and outcomes

The purpose of the 2018 Garden Route Environmental Restoration Seminar is to revisit the devastation caused by the fires of June 2017, reflect on the actions taken to address environmental restoration and consider the challenges for avoiding such environmental tragedies in the future.

The Knysna fires devastated land cover and caused personal hardship and tragedy for many residents of the area. The fires triggered the largest ever financial contribution from disaster management authorities in South African history.

The Garden Route Rebuild Initiative (GRRI) Environmental Working Group, tasked with implementing a large-scale rehabilitation and restoration effort, will use the seminar to engage with relevant national, regional and local stakeholders and landowners in achieving the purpose of the seminar.

Facilitated by the Nelson Mandela Bay University: Sustainability Research Unit (SRU), the seminar outcomes will include the following:

  • Peer review of the restoration methodology
  • Enhance regional interaction
  • Steer the Environmental Working Group in terms of planning, execution and methodology in going forward
  • Inform and obtain buy-in from all stakeholders (communities/ landowners/media etc.)
  • Give recognition to those involved in the restoration effort
  • Set the scene for a multi-year intervention affecting the community, and triggering significant socio-economic and environmental impacts and benefits
  • Consolidate collaborative efforts with all participating entities in the Rebuild Initiative (GRRI)