SCLI is an Implementing Agent for invasive alien plant clearing in the Western Cape, with secondary functions in environmental communications.
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  Invasive alien plants have a negative impact on the ecological integrity of our natural systems, the productive potential of land, the intensity of fires, flooding, erosion, the health of estuaries, water quality and quantity and the livelihoods of communities who depend on these life-support systems. One of the most substantial impacts of invasive alien …

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  Invasive alien plants (IAPs) infest approximately 200 000 km² of South Africa. The impacts of these infestations are overwhelmingly negative in terms of their ecological, economic and social impacts, which include the loss of nearly 695 million m³ in water yield each year as well as devastating fires. The National Environmental Management Biodiversity Act …

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  The objective of the invasive alien plant control plan The objective of the invasive alien plant control plan is to bring the recorded invasive alien plants under control through systematic, integrated and appropriate control methods within (1-10) years that will allow indigenous vegetation to recover, reduce fire risk, and improve water security.  Legislative context …

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  Dear Landowner Lockdown period: SCLI assistance, training and feedback to landowners SCLI concluded its landowner training and feedback session on Thursday 19 March on the eve of the national lockdown. Please see some key presentations/information from the training workshop below for your information, including information guiding landowners step-by-step on how to ensure that they …

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