SCLI is an Implementing Agent for invasive alien plant clearing in the Western Cape, with secondary functions in environmental communications.
SCLI - Southern Cape Landowners Initiative

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  Training Material compiled by Priscilla Burgoyne. Please click on document title below to open/download PDF.   SCLI Alien Invasive Species Training_P Burgoyne Oct 2020_Part1   SCLI Alien Invasive Species Training_P Burgoyne Oct 2020_Part2

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  Some of the main invasive alien plants in the Garden Route include the following: Acacia mearnsii  (Black wattle) Ricinus communist (Castor oil plant) Solanum mauritianum (Bugweed) Acacia melanoxylon (Blackwood) Acacia Saligna (Port Jackson) Acacia cyclops  (Rooikrans) Cortaderia selloana (Pampas grass) Lantana camara  (Lantana) Pinus pinaster  (Cluster pine) Rubus cuneifolius (American bramble) Eucalyptus spp  (Gum) …

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