SCLI is an Implementing Agent for invasive alien plant clearing in the Western Cape, with secondary functions in environmental communications.
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WEP covering dams

Watering 15 horses daily with municipal water can be expensive, says JJ Moorcroft from Moorcroft farms at Geelhoutboom. The fact that George, as is most of the Southern Cape, is subject to water restrictions, does not make matters easier. Not having a bore hole, nor access to an irrigation scheme, often make farmers dependent on …

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Savage Study

Final report to the Water Research Commission MJ Savage, JM Pasi, L Myeni and AD Clulow Soil-Plant-Atmosphere Continuum Research Unit Agrometeorology Discipline School of Agricultural, Earth and Environmental Sciences University of KwaZulu-Natal Pietermaritzburg South Africa Download PDF

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Water Scarcity is the new normal as Evaporation Levels Soar

Water Scarcity is the new normal as Evaporation Levels Soar and persistent drought in large parts of South Africa is having a knock-on effect on the economy

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The serious drought in the Western Cape caused authorities and researchers to re-look at long term strategic options.

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What does the law (specifically the National Water Act), say about water evaporation prevention systems on stored waters? Preventing and reducing rates of water evaporation is a “soft” intervention that conservation minded entities, such as the Southern Cape Landowners Initiative (SCLI), are investigating to protect volumes of stored waters. In towns and cities, owners of …

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Technology Options Ensure Stability in RSA

Large parts of South Africa are currently in the grip of a crippling drought. Much of the affected areas will not be able to recover in the medium term, even with sustained and substantial rainfall. A key contributor to water stress is evaporation. With South Africa’s long sunshine days, dry climate and shallow storage dams, …

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Dam Levels Increasingly Low Due To Evaporation

Strong wind and high temperatures drain already low dam levels at a rate of more than 2% per week, says Cobus Meiring of the Southern Cape Landowners Initiative (SCLI). Authorities in the Western Cape have no choice other than to explore alternative sources to harvest fresh water, such as desalination, waste water treatment, run-off from …

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Water Evaporation Prevention

EVAPORATION PREVENTION A SERIOUS OPTION FOR THE WESTERN CAPE FARMERS “Given perpetual drought conditions, the prevention of water evaporation is increasingly becoming a viable option for water boards and irrigation farmers in the Western Cape, says Cobus Meiring of the Southern Cape Landowners Initiative (SCLI).” “Although irrigation systems are constantly getting more advanced, with (measureable) …

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