Biocontrol to Fight Black Wattle, Galls on infected Black Wattle

Biocontrol to Fight Black Wattle

Anyone can use Biocontrol to fight Black Wattle
The release time for Dasineura Rubiformis starts now!!! (July/Aug 2016)

It’s a midge that prevents black wattle from setting seed. It has taken off like a rocket in release sites and is fast becoming one of the most important aspects of black wattle control.

It would be great if we could get the midge firmly established in the Southern Cape so please come and pick up some galls from the Garden Route Botanical Gardens Nursery – 49 Caledon Street – they will be delivered to the nursery every Monday.Priscilla Burgoyne, Curator, Southern Cape Herbarium Dasineura Rubiformis

It is easy to release and it’s FREE!

How to do it

Snip off galls on already infected trees and place them under trees not yet infected.

The window of opportunity, however, is small as to infect trees, one should act within the next month or so because the life cycle of the midge is conducive to spreading it now.

For further assistance please contact

Cobus Meiring from SCLI at