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SCLI Environmental is a Non-Profit Company with more than 20 years’ experience in implementing community-driven environmental projects that support social development, economic prosperity, the protection of the environment and keeping communities safe.


Invasive Alien Plant Management

  • Species identification and mapping
  • Specialist environmental and geographical information system (GIS) planning support
  • Compilation of monitoring, control and eradication plans
  • Compilation of fire management plans
  • Implementation of monitoring, control and eradication plans
  • Capacity building and training
  • Creating economic opportunities
  • Risk assessments
  • Restoration
  • Environmental project management and planning support
  • Act as the implementing agent for environmental intermediate entities, including the government and private sector

Ecological Infrastructure

Ecological infrastructure and the services they provide, like built infrastructure and services, play an essential role in supporting social development and economic prosperity, keeping communities safe and urban development. We aim to create community-centric ecological infrastructure management programmes that support social development, economic prosperity, the protection of the environment and keeping communities safe.

Our experience of the ecological infrastructure management process encompasses all aspects involved in the ecological infrastructure programme life cycle, including:

  • Strategic assessment and planning
  • Community engagement
  • Programme development
  • Programme implementation
  • Programme operation, maintenance and benefits realisation

Stakeholder engagement, communication and training 

  • Stakeholder engagement and public participation
  • Communication and awareness
  • Media liaison and press releases
  • Publications: Writing, journalism and writing of articles, editing, graphic design and layout
  • Website content management and video production/editing
  • Education and training
  • Event management
  • Conceptualise and compile high-level environmental proposals to donor countries and environmental entities
  • Act as Secretariat and coordinating body for environmental groupings such as the Garden Route Environmental Forum


SCLI operates nationally and has offices in the Garden Route and Gauteng.

Capability Statements

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Invasive alien plan management capability statement SCLI

Ecological Infrastructure Management SCLI