SCLI is an Implementing Agent for invasive alien plant clearing in the Western Cape, with secondary functions in environmental communications.
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Current Status of Dams

Current Status of Dams

The Current Status of Dams in South Africa
By the end of March 2016, Western Cape dams were 32% full….

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Southern Cape Forests unchanged for centuries

Southern Cape forests survive largely unchanged for centuries

Forests are found in areas that receive annual rainfall ranging between 525…

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SCLI Talks to Eden Disaster Management following the recent Devestating Wild Fires

SCLI Talks to Eden Disaster Management following the recent Devastating Wild Fires

Leaving a trail of destruction, devastating fires,…

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Biocontrol to Fight Black Wattle, Galls on infected Black Wattle

Anyone can use Biocontrol to fight Black Wattle
The release time for Dasineura Rubiformis starts now!!! (July/Aug 2016)

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Ceres - Water Stewardship Alliance

Southern Cape Landowners join Ceres and Langkloof Farmers in the Water Stewardship Alliance
Water resources worldwide are increasingly taking strain…

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Southern Cape Rivers under the spotlight during Mandela Month

“Instead of just focussing on Mandela Day (18 July), the entire month of July is these days open…

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Landowners threatened with big fines

GEORGE NEWS – Local landowners are accusing the Department of Environmental Affairs of a threatening and high-handed attitude regarding…

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What is the Table Mountain Fund

Launched by Sir Edmund Hillary and Sir David Attenborough, the Table Mountain Fund is a Capital Trust Fund that…

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